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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…VIRTUAL ACCESS CAN HELP VISITORSPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Thursday, December 1st 2015
THE Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) has had far-reaching implications for many businesses, not least tourist attractions and historic properties.

Under the DDA, which came into force in October 2004, all visitors must be able to access all public areas of such attractions, including upstairs.

For many owners of historic properties, this can create major logistical problems. Some properties are listed buildings, while others were never designed to take lifts or stair lifts. Altering the building structure can also change the character of the property and be extremely costly.

North west multimedia specialist; Axion Business Solutions, has come up with a solution which offers benefits for everyone – and is a fraction of the cost of major building modifications.

Axion has adapted the concept of the virtual tour, used successfully by many hotels, to enable stately homes to offer visitors ‘virtual’ access to any room in the property, via a 360-degree tour. Using a computer screen, guests navigate their way around the property and see the rooms they wish to visit.

It is in this method of navigation that Axion specialise. Their multimedia skills; incorporated with the 360-degree photographs, allow visitors to move around the rooms by themselves, looking more closely at items they wish to investigate further. Axion can also add links to historic archives, such as old photographs of the building, or stories of its history; providing visitors with any amount of detail they want and giving them a much more fulfilling experience.

This concept is also useful while properties, or rooms, are being refurbished, as visitors can still ‘visit’ the rooms in question. The tours also provide an historical archive of the buildings over a period of years.

For visitors unable to leave their homes, virtual tours make properties accessible, via the internet; opening up a whole new market for such attractions.

By thinking creatively, Axion Business Solutions has identified a new market for an existing product, which both adds value to the properties’ visitors and saves the attractions valuable time and money in building modifications.

For further details, contact Lindsay at Axion Business Solutions on 07779 251807 or visit

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