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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…NOT ENOUGH TO JUST HAVE A CAMERA AND A PC – YOU NEED EXPERTISEPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Thursday, December 1st 2015
Tempting:  Good photography sets off this chocolate creation.Tempting: Good photography sets off this chocolate creation.WITH the accessibility of digital cameras and PCs a business could easily be forgiven for seeing this as an opportunity for doing cheap DIY product shots. All it takes is a digital camera and a PC – right? Well, probably not. Unfortunately, many people do not fully realise that there is a great deal more than this to good commercial photography.

So what else is involved? Firstly, equipment. A professional digital camera will cost many thousands of pounds and, used with interchangeable professional lenses in the hands of a qualified and experienced photographer, will be able to produce images of much superior quality.

Then there is lighting, specialised rigs and diffusers, as well as the knowledge to use them well.

An experienced eye for sympathetic composition, attention to exact product staging and set dressing are also essential elements. Finally, the well-practised ability to apply sophisticated imaging software to digitally change the picture afterwards.

Many years of training and experience are vital to help the digital revolution make your product look its very best. If a great quality image can enhance your product, a mediocre image can ‘cost’ your company in the end by reducing its appeal or not doing it justice.

Photography by Ward (015394 33361) strives to employ all their expertise to create images which will help you sell your product.

A recent commission from the novelty chocolate manufacturers, The Three Chocolatiers (017683 51028), demonstrates a solution of how to fully capture the appeal of their quality product for the corporate market. “As a chocolate and confectionary company we wanted to show our products in a contemporary and stylish light. Photography by Ward has surpassed our expectations of how good chocolate can look.”

The Roof Box Company ( initially used the services to photograph some of their protective cases range, but has now invested in a very comprehensive catalogue of vehicle specific product pictures. “It’s true that one roof bar or boot liner looks much like another, but we’ve learned that sales rise considerably if customers can see exactly what they’re buying; they appreciate the extra effort we’ve made for them, so long as the quality is good.

“Our own digital snaps were relatively pathetic – largely because we don’t have decent equipment and, more importantly, the technical experience to use light and exposure to create the effects we want. Poor quality images probably reduce a web site’s success.

“A day’s photography fee might look steep at first glance, but Photography by Ward cracks on with the work, we always get plenty done, and the pay back is surprisingly quick!”

Fully qualified, well-equipped and experienced in the commercial photographic field, Photography by Ward uses a combination of professionally lit product images and post capture manipulation. They are able to add backgrounds or remove unwanted features at will to produce that definitive picture. Working closely with their clients, they combine their experience, technical know-how and exceptional creativity to help your company’s products stand out from the crowd.

Digital photography is a great asset to modern marketing but it can only really excel in professional hands.

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