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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…HEADLINEPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Wednesday, June 1st 2015

If you need a lunchtime laugh – and don’t we all? – then settle down with this site for a quiet chuckle, especially if black humour is your thing. Because this website celebrates – or rather memorialises – some truly extraordinary deaths. (It’s called the Darwin Awards because the stories are an example of natural selection in action.) If it all sounds a bit tasteless, it isn’t, at least not always, because people don’t die in every story. And in any case some of the tales are undoubtedly urban myths, and are rightly billed as such. Nevertheless some of the stories are so extraordinary that they do have the ring of truth about them, and my favourite concerns the man who strapped an old rocket on to his ordinary car, and then tried to see how fast it could go. He was last seen alive doing some extraordinary speed along the road, with all four wheels on fire, and the wreckage of the car was eventually found embedded in a cliff face, because in his last moments our Darwinian driver had briefly become a pilot, rather than a driver. And yes, he was an American.

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