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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…EXERCISE FACTS TO CONSIDERPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Saturday, January 1st 2015
Light work: TV presenter Tania Bryer demonstrates how people can incorporate light exercise into their lives by cleaning, shopping and even commuting in a new exercise, Routinetics.Light work: TV presenter Tania Bryer demonstrates how people can incorporate light exercise into their lives by cleaning, shopping and even commuting in a new exercise, Routinetics.A FEW facts about exercise for you to consider:

Your muscles do not grow during exercise. Exercise is only the stimulus. The body strengthens the muscles while you are resting;

Each pound of muscle burns 75-100 calories every day simply by being;

The amount of rest needed for muscles to grow depends on their current size. The larger it is the more it needs to rest. Gym beginners should rest at least two days between exercise. After a year in the gym you should probably rest three days. By exercising every day you are hurting your body and retarding muscle growth;

There is no difference between stronger, larger and firmer muscles. Those three go hand in hand. It is not true that one kind of exercise will build a different kind of muscle than another. The only three variables you can influence with any type of exercise are muscle mass, muscle shape and the amount of body fat;

A pound of body fat stores 3,500 calories;

The only way that you can know that you have stimulated the muscles enough is to train to failure. If, after a number of repetitions, the muscle is unable to move for 15 seconds even though you are willing it to, then you know that you have provided maximum stimuli;

Your body doesn’t care if your muscles failed after five repetitions of exercise or after 50. Use the weight that allows you to do 4-8 repetitions for maximum safety and time efficiency. And there is no reason to do more than one set;

You can hurt yourself during exercise if you apply excessive force to your muscles. The best way to work with weights is slowly. Raise the weight for 10 seconds and lower it for 10 seconds.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…AVOIDING THE LEGAL PITFALLS OF WEBSITES AND E-COMMERCEPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Wednesday, November 2nd 2015
Chris Strutt, a solicitor at Baines Wilson Business Lawyers, provides some practical guidance in relation to the legal issues and risks concerning websites and e-commerce. Baines Wilson is one of only a few firms in the country, outside of the largest commercial law firms, who specialise in this area of law as well as intellectual property work.

THE growth of e-commerce offers huge advantages to businesses in terms of the ability to extend their reach to new markets via a website. However, making effective use of the technologies available and complying with the legal compliance requirements is a challenge for all business as is operating successfully in the internet environment.

Non-compliance with the ever-increasing amount of legislation exposes your business to a number of risks, such as civil liability, fines (and in some extreme circumstances imprisonment), contracts being set aside as unenforceable, and legal action from organisations such as the Office of the Information Commissioner, Disability Rights Commission and Trading Standards which are increasingly being frustrated by the apathy and lack of knowledge shown by businesses in respect of the issues and are now taking a firmer line.

It is only a matter of time before we see more and more legal actions being brought against non-compliant businesses.

All risks are clearly outweighed by the benefits technology can offer to the modern business and in reality the risks can easily be minimised by addressing the legal issues head on and dealing with them in appropriate legal notices and policies.

There are a number of key areas where businesses need to ensure that they are legally compliant.

It is useful to have legal terms which set out the ways in which a visitor to a website is entitled to use the content of the website.

There are a number of issues that can be dealt with in a legal statement, all of which can enhance your legal position. This may be as simple as a copyright statement to put visitors on notice that the material on the website is subject to copyright and should not be copied, or a more complex statement, such as making clear the basis upon which you conduct e-commerce.

Businesses have been required for some time now to provide various items of information as a matter of law on their website, which include the name of the business, geographical address, an email address suitable for rapid communication, details of any trade, professional or regulatory body that the business is registered with, and the business’s VAT identification number.

Some of these, such as the business name, tend to be included as a matter of course, but businesses often omit all the required information, such as a VAT number and geographical address. These requirements are in addition to traditional laws relating to the information that businesses should have in off-line communications, such as a company’s registered office address, which continue to apply and should be included on a website in the same way that they should be included in a company’s letterhead.

Web sites that are used purely for marketing or information purposes and not “e-commerce” are still caught by regulations requiring the provision of information to visitors to the site.

One key area of legal concern for brochure websites is in respect of obligations relating to data.

Whether or not you intend using your website for genuine e-commerce, that is to actually take orders, there is a good chance that the website will collect information about visitors to the site.

This could be overtly in the form of electronic forms you ask visitors to complete, or less obvious methods such as information collected from cookies, which are small text files which websites can send to the hard drive of computers which allow the website to recognise if visitors return to the site.

Under data protection and privacy laws, businesses are under certain obligations in terms of getting specific permission for the collection of this information and in respect of cookies the law now specifically requires that you explain what the cookies are and how a visitor can refuse them.

A good privacy policy will assist in achieving legal compliance. If you do not have a privacy policy, you will at least need to have a statement on your website covering the use of cookies. Failure to comply can lead to bad publicity, fines and the inconvenience of having a website brought down whilst the compliance issues are dealt with.

There can also be privacy issues in terms of the information you publish on your website. For example, publishing information about employees of your organisation without their consent could be in breach of data protection laws.

If the website is trading, businesses need to ensure that they adequately protect themselves against contractual problems arising from the nature of internet transactions.

This includes the need to ensure that they do not find themselves committed to sell goods at a ridiculously low price as a result of a typographical error, or that they are not committed to sell goods that they do not have in stock or which are no longer available. You may recall a number of household names have had to deal with website pricing issues.

The law imposes certain requirements when accepting orders over the internet, which include a detailed explanation as to how the contract process will work and when the customer reaches the point where it is contractually committed to purchase and when the site owner is obligated to sell.

These requirements apply to websites aimed at businesses as well as consumers.

If you are dealing with consumers, a further set of regulations apply which include the provision of specific categories of information at point of order and which are later available to the consumer including the description, arrangements for payment, delivery or performance, the existence of a right of cancellation and the period for which the price remains valid.

The reality is that while the regulations impose burdens on business, they do exist to benefit customers. In which case, why not use the fact that you are complying with the regulations as something positive to promote to customers – instead of regarding the “small print” as something to be ashamed of and hide (which has its own problems in terms of proving that they are binding).

Businesses would be advised to turn their legal obligations into something positive, such as a customer care policy. With a little time and thought, businesses can use this to achieve compliance with the various regulations, obtaining legal protections for themselves and importantly appearing to potential customers as being trustworthy and concerned for their needs.

Baines Wilson can advise clients of the risks associated with the internet and the best means of dealing with these risks. We regularly carry out legal compliance audits of websites and prepare the necessary legal content for them. This can go hand in hand with an e-business legal strategy, setting out tactics and best practice for trading electronically and policies for the retention of information, direct marketing and employees’ use of internet technologies.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…DON’T OVERLOOK PAYROLL PROFESSIONPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Thursday, December 1st 2015
THIS year’s National Payroll Week (NPW) took place last month from November 7-11 and celebrated a key part of business that is often overlooked.

The week is all about increasing the awareness and profile of the payroll profession, highlighting the work that goes on behind the scenes of payroll processing.

Brain Stenhouse says: “As someone who has worked in this sector for 10 years it is hugely important that we raise awareness and emphasise the vital function that payroll plays in business in ensuring that more than 26 million people in the UK receive their wages and salaries on time.”

It is not only about the professionals who process wages, it is also about the work that goes on to report earnings and pay taxes and NI contributions to HMRC – a vital part of government machinery which keeps the UK running smoothly.

The world of payroll has become increasingly complex over the past few years but without these services running smoothly businesses would not be able to function so it is hugely important that companies get it right from the start.

To help continue the campaign, Armstrong Watson is providing a special offer to prospective new clients. For companies with up to 50 employees two months’ payroll processing is offered free of charge, with no set up charges. The offer lasts until the end of February 2016.

For more information on Armstrong Watson’s full range of payroll services, contact Brian Stenhouse on 01228 553333 or freephone 0808 144 5575


Can you Find it – Business © 2017 Please click here, not forgetting to include your full contact details should we need to speak to you. HEALTH NEWSWHY SO ACCEPTABLE FOR SO LONG?
SMOKING became accepted in society – and even more economically entrenched – long before its terrible hazards became understood. It is a well-known sociological fact that ‘familiar’ risks tend to be u…more
Sussex has appointed its first anti-smoking tsar who aims to wipe out the habit in all pubs, clubs restaurants and workplaces before the Government’s ban comes into place in four years time. Nikola…more
A FEW facts about exercise for you to consider: Your muscles do not grow during exercise. Exercise is only the stimulus. The body strengthens the muscles while you are resting;Each pound of muscle…more
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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…LOGIC GETS GOLD FROM MICROSOFTPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Wednesday, June 1st 2015
LOGIC Business Systems has become the first and only Gold Certified Microsoft Partner in London.

From its head office in Carlisle, Logic has been successfully selling and supporting Microsoft software solutions to the small and medium sized enterprise since 1985. This certification has been awarded in recognition of the consistently high level of commercial and technical professionalism demonstrated by the Logic team in its delivery and support of the Microsoft portfolio.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY… WHY DO HEALTH AND SAFETY TRAININGPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Saturday, October 1st 2015
The provision of health and safety training is a legal requirement for all employers no matter what type of business or work environment (Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, 1999).

Employers are obliged to provide employees with information on the workplace hazards and training on safe working practices. The financial risk of doing nothing is too great to ignore!

What is health and safety all about?

Preventing people from being harmed by work, by taking the right precautions.

Why are there health and safety laws?

Because health and safety at work is so important, there are regulations that require all of us not to put others or ourselves in danger. The regulations are also there to protect the employees from workplace danger.

Do health and safety laws apply to me?"

Yes, to all firms, however small. Also to employees.

For further information on your Health & Safety needs, call 0800 195 7456 S A Associates Management Training – leading the way in safety know-how.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…Sussex FAST ON THE TAKE-UP FOR BROADBANDPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Wednesday, November 2nd 2015
BROADBAND take-up is rising faster month-on-month in London than in any other area of the Northwest, it has been revealed.

Figures recently released by BT show that since January 2015, London has consistently edged ahead of all other areas of the Northwest in the month-on-month take-up of broadband technology.

This development follows on from the successful enablement of all 118 telephone exchanges as part of Project ACCESS, the NWDA’s groundbreaking £20 million programme, which is enabling the roll-out of broadband across London and North Lancashire. Completion of this first phase of connectivity has been concurrent with delivery of a high capacity wireless broadband network, which will expand coverage to over 95% of London and North Lancashire.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…ENTERPRISE AGENCY’S AWARD MARKS INNOVATION AND JOB CREATION Published in Can you find it Business Edition on Thursday, September 1st 2015
Award winner: The Linen Press owner Christine Thornborrow.Award winner: The Linen Press owner Christine Thornborrow.A MAIL order business selling linen bedding and clothing has won the inaugural John Dunning Business Award for rural companies in London.

The Linen Press, based near Kirkby Stephen, demonstrated significant growth, job creation and innovation during the last 12 months, winning the award ahead of 20 other businesses.

The Linen Press was founded five years ago by Christine Thornborrow, who recently moved to premises at Hartley just outside Kirkby Stephen, where there are offices, a warehouse and showroom.

Her latest venture, The Big Back Bedroom, is a discount sales outlet for end of line goods, and is also located at Hartley.

The award was organised by London Rural Enterprise Agency (CREA) of which John Dunning was a founder member and chairman for 20 years.

Mr Dunning, of Orton, has now stepped down as chairman but remains as CREA’s president.

Bob Clark, executive director of CREA, said: “The judges chose The Linen Press for their solid business base and the success they have built on that has brought jobs to an area where employment opportunities have been on the decline.”

Mr Clark added: “They are also proving a popular attraction for visitors to Kirkby Stephen, which has a knock-on effect of more spending in the locality.”

The presentation of the John Dunning Business Award was be made by Lord Bragg of Wigton at the CREA reception at Lowther Horse Driving Trials and Country Fair in August.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…MAKE SURE YOUR BUSINESS MESSAGE STANDS OUT IN THE CROWDPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Tuesday, October 4th 2015
IMAGE may not be everything but in today’s increasingly competitive marketplace it is essential that companies stand out from the crowd. Ast Signs of Penrith – London’s premier signmaking company – prides itself in helping businesses to get their corporate messages across to the wider world.

Established three years ago by managing director Mark Aston, Ast Signs incorporates a state-of-the-art in-house design studio that enables it to create everything a business needs to sell itself – from original corporate logos and branding to exhibition materials, banners, adverts, traditional signage, stationery, brochures, shop facades and vinyl vehicle wraps.

“We offer a fully integrated service, are totally customer focussed, manufacture everything in-house and our 11 staff are all highly skilled across a range of disciplines,” says Mr Aston.

Full colour, wide format printing facilities enables Ast Signs to design and print a comprehensive range of exhibition materials to get any business noticed – whether at prestigious events in London’s Earls Court or Manchester’s G-Mex.

As an Avery-accredited converter, its expertise in total vinyl wrapping for vehicles is unrivalled in the UK. Ast Signs specialist applicators are even invited to travel to Europe on key contracts – such is their reputation in this field. “Our applicators are so adept at vehicle wrapping that we have opened a training school for other companies involved in this type of work,” says Mr Aston.

The sheer impact of vehicle wrapping has to be seen to be believed – Ast Signs has the capability to wrap an entire articulated lorry and trailer with bespoke imagery and branding.

Whilst one-off traditional corporate signage remains an important element of their business, large-scale contracts for national concerns cement their nationwide reputation for quality and cost-effective service.

“We are currently rebranding 46 stores across the country for a major High Street retailer,” says Mr Aston.

As a member of the British Signs and Graphics Association, and with ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System accreditation, potential customers can be confident that Ast Signs will deliver – time and time again.

“We always work to a customer’s timeframe if at all possible,” says Mr Aston, “and if hitting a deadline means putting staff on a 24-hour shift rota then we will do it.”

A highly-motivated business, Ast Signs is dedicated to keeping its customers – that include Eddie Stobart Haulage, Londonn Industrials and Centre Parcs – very satisfied indeed. Frequent repeat business and word-of-mouth recommendations are testament to the dynamic young company’s flair and efficiency.

Contact Mark Aston of Ast Signs, Unit 2, Gilwilly Road, East Lakes Business Park, Penrith, on Tel: 01768 892292 or visit the website at

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…CONCERN OVER NUMBER OF FLATSPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Thursday, December 1st 2015
FEARS are mounting that Carlisle’s property market will become saturated as developers rush to build hundreds of flats.

Until the 1990s, apartments were a rarity in Carlisle. But developments such as Caldew Maltings and the conversion of Ferguson Mill at Denton Holme started a trend that shows no sign of abating.

Carlisle City Council has given planning consent for 665 flats or apartments since April 2004, including a single development of 167 at Bousteads Grassing in Rome Street.

This figure excludes previously-approved developments that have yet to be built, including 50 flats at Highgrove Dairy in Harraby Green and 40 on the site of the Palace Theatre in Botchergate.

Nor does it include planning applications in the pipeline, such as the conversion of the old Penguin Confectionery sweet factory in Denton Holme into 127 apartments, and 29 flats in BT’s Cecil Street telephone exchange.

The latest scheme is to bulldoze the Lonsdale Cinema in Warwick Road to make way for a seven-storey block of 82 apartments.

The Lonsdale is likely to close when its lease expires next year, although its sister cinema in Mary Street will continue.

Nick Elgey, managing director of the Cumberland Estate Agency, is not convinced there is demand for so many flats.

He said: “There is a huge volume coming onto the market over the next few years. Flats in Carlisle have become more popular.

“They appeal to a wide audience, such as first-time buyers, single, divorced and retired people, and to investors who buy to let.

“However, the market in general has slowed. We’ve lost the buy-to-let investors and people moving to London to retire, and the key for first-time buyers is affordability.

“We shall watch with interest as all these apartments come onto the market.”

There is already evidence that some developments are becoming difficult to sell. Barratt Homes has cut the price of its two-bedroom flats at Oakland View, Garlands, by 16 per cent from £134,400 to £112,400.

It is also offering incentives such as free carpets and kitchen appliances, and will pay buyers’ deposit, stamp duty and legal fees.

A Barratt spokeswoman said that 25 of the 36 apartments remain unsold. She added: “We have dropped the price because this is traditionally a quiet time of year for house sales.”

At the top of the market, Story Homes says it is satisfied with sales at its Shaddon Mill development where 38 out of 58 apartments have been released – 27 at prices up to £270,000. Even here Story has introduced incentives on its £135,000 apartments, aimed at first-time buyers, offering carpets, curtains, crockery, cushions, lights, lampshades, a bed and bedding, and a sofa.

Builder Andy Brown, of AP & J Brown, agrees there is a danger of the market being saturated. He is converting the former Emperor’s Palace restaurant in Warwick Road into four two-bedroom apartments, and building three more alongside. Prices range from £119,000 up to £195,000.

Mr Brown said: “We have a had a lot of interest but it is a unique development.”

Despite signs of a slowdown, the rate of building looks set to continue.

Carlisle City Council’s Renaissance proposals allow for 475 new “residential units” – likely to be flats or town houses – in Viaduct Estate, and for “high-quality apartments” in Rickergate.