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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…MEDIATION WEEKPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Wednesday, November 2nd 2015
A SERIES of events are taking place in Carlisle to promote the use of mediation as an alternative way of resolving a wide range of legal disputes.These events are part of a nationwide programme of events being run as part of Mediation Week.

Examples of mediation include:

family dispute over the ownership of a farm,

a longstanding personal injury claim and

family disputes

Carlisle County Court is taking part in the Mediation Week in association with Carlisle and District Law Society and northern Dispute Resolutions. The activities taking place at the Court during the first week in November, include:

A free mediation advice from an on-site mediator.

On Wednesday November 2 there will be a Mediation Role Play and members of the public are invited to attend. The role play will take place at 6.30pm to 8pm. To reserve a place please email For further information on Mediation Week contact Gaynor Wragg of Carlisle and District Law Society on 01228 525195.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…A LOT MORE THAN A SALES PITCHPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Thursday, September 1st 2015
Terry Kirton, who has taken over from Richard Simpson reviewing Londonn websites for Can you find it Business Edition, looks at a winning site for the latest in our series looking at the practical benefits of websites which actually work.

THE website of George Fisher’s outdoor equipment store oozes quality. There is an emphasis on customer service right from the first click.

Visitors to get far more than an online-sales facility from this impressive site with its dozens of added extras. No surprise then, that it has won high praise from some unexpected quarters.

Probably most surprising is the message from the Royal Air Force. Jan Janiurek of RAF Linton-on-Ouse, near York writes in appreciation of the webcam that is housed on the roof of the Keswick store.

“Although we have access to our own meteorological forecaster here at Linton the ability to do a last minute ‘actual’ check of the weather has been very useful for planning sorties,” he wrote in a letter to the store.

So there we are – George Fisher plays a part in maintaining Britain’s national security by facilitating RAF training exercises!

On a more mundane level, walkers, cyclists, parascenders and any other form of visitor, will find a quick look at the webcam and the local weather forecast before they leave home, very useful. As any Londonn will know, although it might be raining in Cockermouth and Carlisle, the sun could well be shining in Keswick.

But let’s get down to business. Before we explore some of the other added attractions, how well does the website fulfil its sales function?

Janet Ayrie, who oversees the content of the site along with technical manager Dominic Chitwood Clarke, clearly understands the store’s niche in the vast outdoor gear market.

“We know that we don’t always compare on price, so we ensure that we provide the best customer service we can,” said Janet.

She is particularly proud of a hotline phone service which is highlighted on the site. Orders can be quickly phoned through to a special reception desk with delivery guaranteed to mainland customers by the next day.

“Often customers have browsed through the catalogue and found what they are looking for, but they just want to check a few things with a member of staff. That’s where the hotline proves so useful,” she said.

Not that the site itself is lacking in information about products. The ‘more info’ button usually provides a close-up photograph and two or three more sentences of product detail.

Attention to detail is important to this company. When you use the website for a purchase, it is clearly explained that if you order before noon you will receive your goods the next day. Customers are also advised that they may have to sign for parcels and so they should consider using a reception address where someone will be at home to receive the delivery. To further assist the customer, an e-mail is sent when the order is despatched.

And judging by the customer testimonials, there are plenty of satisfied customers who can vouch for the efficiency of the service.

A vital aspect of the service is accurate stock knowledge.

“Dominic, our technical manager, has to spend a great deal of time ensuring that everything that is listed on the website is actually in stock. If we are to meet our ‘next day’ delivery promise, then we have to make sure that everything detailed online is available,” said Janet.

The vast catalogue of equipment, from bivvie bags to wrist computers, is easily accessible either through direct browsing or a search facility at the top right of the screen.

One section is not available to online customers – and the reason is again related to the customer service ethic. You cannot order footwear – other than socks – through the site, because the store believes it is essential for customers to have a professional fitting.

The site information explains: “Despite their obvious importance, your feet are one of the most neglected parts of your body! Most people will suffer some foot, ankle or leg problem at some point in their lifetime; unfortunately, most live with the problem, either assuming nothing can be done or not knowing where to go for information.

“As our reputation for being able to solve ‘problem feet’ has grown, many foot-sore individuals who have been disappointed elsewhere have sought us out for help; we have been able to help the vast majority of these people.”

You are encouraged to bring in your old boots, so that specialist fitters can clearly see where problems arose. The store even has a qualified podiatrist on call who can diagnose and offer solutions to specific problems. There is a link to his website to enable customers to gather a little more information before they visit the store.

Janet Ayrie also encourages staff to use the website as another form of sales aid.

“If someone cannot make their mind up while they are in the store, our staff will suggest they take a leisurely look at what we have to offer from the comfort of their own home – and then order online,” she explained.

Over the eight years that the site has been running, the store has tried to integrate the online service as a part of the total package and also evolve the site in response to perceived customer needs.

“We are currently trying out special offers on the web,” said Janet.

“It is something customers have come to expect from other sites. We used to scatter offers around under the different categories. Now we are putting them all together under one area to see how well that works.”

The whole site has become slicker over the years and the recent advent of broadband has made it much easier to receive and download photographs from suppliers, all adding to the professional look.

The website also targets an outdoor community that expects – and receives – a lot more than a sales pitch.

In addition to the weather service and webcam, there is a connection to the archive of the George Fisher Update magazine which is published four times a year. There you can find dozens of interesting articles about the Lake District and outdoor activities – all in easy-to-access PDF format.

Campaigns in support of local environmental projects are also hosted.

My favourite sections were those featuring the exhilarating ‘fly-over’ software, which allows you to follow a route up hill and down dale, as if you were in a low-flying helicopter.

Click on ‘news’ at the top of the home page and then ‘World Masters Mountain Running’. You can either follow the routes that the runners will follow on a flat map, a three dimensional version or, best of all, the ‘fly-over’ in Quick Time format.

If your computer is not loaded with Quick Time you can easily install it without leaving the website.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…READY FOR NEW CHALLENGESPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Tuesday, October 4th 2015
WITH half a century of nuclear expertise United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority is a company capable of competing with the world’s best in nuclear clean-up and environmental challenges.

The company has undergone transformation from a public sector organisation into a business able to compete with multi-nationals, and alongside partners, to deliver what their customers require.

UKAEA’s core business is decommissioning and, with more experience than anyone in Europe, they are in a strong position to take advantage of the increasing commercial opportunities in nuclear clean-up both in the UK and internationally.

Looking to the future and adapting to an ever-changing business environment is a major aim of UKAEA having proved they can deliver challenging projects again and again.

In its 2004-05 annual report, Chairman Barbara Thomas Judge, said the company’s aim was to create “an exciting new British player in the market. our progress over the year underlined our capability to take on the full range of environmental restoration challenges.’’

It is a message echoed by the company’s Chief Executive, Dipesh Shah, who said: “For the first time in generations UKAEA has the opportunity to escape planned decline and create an organisation that mirrors, in a modern world, the glories of the past.”

Currently, the company’s main challenge is to win the NDA site contracts. Using their technical heritage, UKAEA believes it offers a proven track record in decommissioning with unique experience in managing complex wastes and in remediating contaminated land.

Mr Shah said: “UKAEA is determined to build a company that can compete successfully for its own sites and other NDA sites.

“By partnering with companies who can complement our skills, we will create winning teams who can compete successfully with the best in the world. We have embarked on an exciting journey.’’

UKAEA has over a decade of experience in managing the restoration of nuclear sites and is established as one of the world’s leading decommissioning businesses.

At West London’s Windscale site, the company is currently working on a “showcase’’ reactor decommissioning project at the golf ball-shaped facility, Windscale Advanced Gas-Cooled Reactor (WAGR).

Peter Mann, UKAEA’s head of site, said the project was demonstrating, to the rest of the world, decommissioning and waste packaging techniques to support future decommissioning of Magnox and AGR reactors.

“Surprisingly some of the techniques used on WAGR are very straight-forward industrial techniques. We have used simple approaches to some complex problems.

“We use whatever is practicable and allows us to get on with the job.’’

As part of decommissioning WAGR, the redundant ventilation stack has been removed. This includes the removal of a 12 tonne, 11-metre high structure and all its associated services and plant.

“The stack was dismantled in two sections using a 300 tonne mobile crane. “The Windscale team worked steadily to achieve their milestone and it has made a significant change to the skyline of the Windscale site,’’ Peter said.

UKAEA’s senior project manager, Terry Benest, has also recently travelled to Japan to be a guest speaker on the WAGR decommissioning at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Technical Advisory Group (TAG).

The international group includes representatives from OECD countries and meets regularly to review progress and exchange technical information and experience. UKAEA will also be hosting an exchange event next year, continuing the international swapping of ideas.

Peter said: “We are also working on Piles 1 and 2, the historical heart of the site which were built in the 1940s and includes the site of the 1957 fire.

“The Pile 1 project team have completed some excellent research and survey work which is helping us to show that we can safely dismantle the fire damaged reactor. We are now in a position to de-mystify the concerns surrounding the fire and explain why it could not happen again.

“Pile 1 is widely acknowledging the most difficult reactor decommissioning project in the UK.’’

The Windscale team plans to complete the dismantling of WAGR, remove the hazardous materials from the Pile reactors and demolish all the redundant buildings on the site, over the next 10 years.

Intermediate level waste, generated from WAGR decommissioning operations, will also be encapsulated in WAGR boxes and safely stored until a final disposal route is available.

The company also manages a unique facility which is leased by Nexia Solutions Ltd. The work, examining a variety of irradiated items supports a number of important programmes in the nuclear industry, including all the operating nuclear power stations and many decommissioning projects.

Peter said: “These are new beginnings for the company. I believe our strengths are our technical heritage, our ability to successfully manage and safely deliver our programme of nuclear decommissioning.”

“We are keen to work with partners to make sure our customers get what they want because we are determined to be a successful contractor. We have a hands-on, specialised knowledge of our industry and willing to work with partners who will complement our skills.’’

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…TRUST LAUNCHES TRAINING PROJECT FOR NEW FARMERSPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Thursday, December 1st 2015
THE National Trust has launched a two-year project to address skills and training development in the farming sector and to support new entrants into the industry.

The £300,000 project – sponsored by Barclays – will help companies develop and share skills, knowledge and experience to meet the challenges they face in 21st century farming. Training will be targeted at the 2,000 tenant companies on trust land with the lessons learnt shared with the government.

The trust looks after around one quarter of the Lake District National Park, including England’s highest mountain, Scafell Pike; her deepest lake, Wast Water; and more than 90 farms. Almost all the central fell area and major valley heads are owned or leased by the trust.

Peter Nixon, director of conservation at the trust, said: “The pace of change means many companies risk being left without the skills and experience they need.”

Sir Don Curry, chair of the Sustainable Farming and Food Implementation Group for Defra, said: “This important and welcome project will help the government and farming industry understand better the needs of companies and the support needed to encourage new entrants into farming.”


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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…RWP TRAINING LTD: TRAINING FOR FIRMS IN THE FOOD SECTORPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Tuesday, February 1st 2015
New programmes: RWP Training project manager Bernadette Marsden, left and manager of corporate services Sue Kaveney. New programmes: RWP Training project manager Bernadette Marsden, left and manager of corporate services Sue Kaveney. HAVING secured ESF funding from Business Link for London, RWP Training Limited – a well-respected training and development organisation owned by Richard and Karen Polyblank and based in Chertsey House, Carlisle – is now delivering new training programmes to SMEs operating in the food sector.

Companies able to benefit include modest milk producers right up to larger manufacturers of products for the retail and hospitality industries. The plethora of new legislation and European directives affecting food companies means that ongoing training is more essential than ever before, explains Susan Kaveney, Corporate Services Manager for RWP.

“We are now offering a range of short courses and training – either in-house or off-site – which are enhancing the skills of the workforce, meeting legislative requirements and making individual companies and the Londonn food industry as a whole more competitive,” she says. The funding is limited and all courses or qualifications must be completed by 31st March 2016.

In addition to the above project, RWP is designing and implementing commercial training packages which will be available to any organisation covering areas such as:

Business administration;

Management (Institute of Leadership & Management Accredited);

Manufacturing operations;

Customer service;

Use of IT;

Team leader and supervisor training (Institute of Leadership & Management Accredited);

Assessor awards.

RWP specialises in the development of apprentices (and advanced apprentices) which lead to NVQs, Key Skills qualifications and technical certificates such as BTEC or City & Guilds.

On-the-job training is given by employers while RWP helps apprentices to develop skills such as problem solving, communication, team-working and to understand the application of new technology such as IT.

Apprentices train in subjects as diverse as engineering, business administration, hairdressing, IT and management.

In its aim to be a nationally recognised as a lead supplier of high-quality vocational learning and to ensure it is representative of the areas in which it operates, RWP recruits local trainers and associates who are skilled and experienced in their field.

Richard Polyblank, Chief Executive of RWP Training, is proud of the company’s position as a Carlisle-based organisation working to national standards but he fully appreciates the local dimension. “Meeting local needs is our objective and we do everything possible to ensure that we make a positive and fitting contribution to the communities we serve,” he says.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY… POINT SET ME OFF WITH THE RIGHT ADVICE AND HELP Published in Can you find it Business Edition on Saturday, October 1st 2015
Pure: Off to a good start thanks to help from Point.Pure: Off to a good start thanks to help from Point.PURE is a ladies fashion boutique based in Ulverston. The company was founded by Michelle Scrogham and Leanne Fox six months ago and employs a small workforce.

Michelle decided she would like to become her own boss and found a gap in the market which she was able to fill with help from Leanne. Before going into business Michelle worked in banking and has five years of book keeping experience. Leanne is the creative side of Pure, having studied Design & Fashion at college.

What I did: Got professional advice

I first heard about Point through Furness Enterprise. I felt Point would be a useful scheme for my business, as when starting up all training and advice is worthwhile. Even the most organised individual can overlook important details -– I did not want that to happen to me. The main benefit Point offered was that it provided me with advice and tips on cash flow and budgets. Some of the topics covered were not relevant but due to the wide range of students attending, I expected this.

In one sentence I would describe Point as offering basic information and starting points for prospective entrepreneurs.

Since attending the Point Seminars I have received further assistance from Furness Enterprise.

Looking ahead: Point has enabled my business to move forward. Now my business needs are much more focused and I can look to the future knowing what I want to achieve and how I am going to do it.

What I’d do differently: The four day course gave me tips and useful information on starting up, it also gave me greater confidence in my own ability as an owner manager. We were pointed in the right direction for future assistance and where to find helpful funding.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…JO WINS TOP CONTRACT WITH FORTE HOTELSPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Wednesday, November 2nd 2015
Lighting up: Jo Vincent’s glass work  for Forte Hotels.Lighting up: Jo Vincent’s glass work for Forte Hotels.ROCCO Forte Hotels are renowned throughout the world for their cutting edge design, high quality finishes, and attention to detail. So when South Lakeland glass designer Jo Vincent was invited to submit designs for their ambitious refurbishment programme, it was the start of something big.

Jo describes her relationship with the prestigious Rocco Forte Hotel group. “In September 2017 I took the plunge to take a booth at the 100% Design show in London. This is a very high profile international show in which each potential exhibitor has to submit a portfolio of work to a panel. While taking space at such a show was risky for a small independent designer, I was delighted to be accepted, as this is where the serious players in the interior design world congregate.”

Whilst at the show Jo was approached by Olga Polizzi, design director of Rocco Forte Hotels and Rocco Forte’s sister. Jo was exhibiting a mix of lighting, wall installations and vessels. Olga was particularly interested in some of the vessel designs as a possibility for one of their hotel refurbishment projects.

Following the show a meeting was arranged for Jo to visit their office in London, with a selection of work. An order was placed for 145 bespoke designed bowls for the hotel rooms of the newly refurbished and prestigious Balmoral hotel in Edinburgh.

Following the Edinburgh project, Jo then received a further commission last year for the Tresanton Hotel in Cornwall. Again this was a large number of bespoke bowls for all hotel rooms.

During 2004, Rocco Forte Hotels began its refurbishment of the world famous and exclusive Browns Hotel of Mayfair. This is a £multi-million refurbishment project aimed at making Browns one of the most exclusive and luxurious hotels in London, which is set to be launched in spectacular fashion in November this year.

Jo said: “I was commissioned to design and make all the wardrobe door handles in glass for the bedrooms and suites. Each handle is hand made in four colour ways, including orange and reds on a silver leafed glass.

“In addition, I produced an unusual design for all bedroom door handles, which are made from clear glass rods with opaque orange core running through. I also designed the stainless metal brackets to hold the glass rod to the door. Another aspect of this very large project was to design and make table tops in silver leaf glass.”

And the story does not end here. Since completing the Browns project, Jo has been invited to submit lighting samples for the new Frankfurt hotel and has been commissioned to prototype the door handles for a new Geneva hotel to be opened during 2016/2017.

Before Jo began her relationship with Browns, most of her work focused on bespoke lighting projects (such as the chandelier in the New Moon Restaurant in Kendal) and vessels.

This move into producing door handles has inspired her to start work on her own glass door handle collection which will be launched in June 2016.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…BANK OF ENGLAND GOVERNOR IN KESWICKPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Thursday, December 1st 2015
THE Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, is to talk to businesses from the Keswick area at a meeting in the town.

Mr King’s visit has been arranged by the chairman of Keswick Tourism Association, Duncan Miller, a local hotelier.

He said the meeting in the Theatre by the Lake on February 2 would be an opportunity to discuss the trading climate with operators across a wide range of businesses.

Members of the Tourism Association are being invited to the meeting and to put questions relevant to their businesses and the financial climate.

Mr King was previously Deputy Governor from 1998-2017 and, before that, chief economist and executive director of the Bank of England.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…HEADLINEPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Wednesday, June 1st 2015

If you need a lunchtime laugh – and don’t we all? – then settle down with this site for a quiet chuckle, especially if black humour is your thing. Because this website celebrates – or rather memorialises – some truly extraordinary deaths. (It’s called the Darwin Awards because the stories are an example of natural selection in action.) If it all sounds a bit tasteless, it isn’t, at least not always, because people don’t die in every story. And in any case some of the tales are undoubtedly urban myths, and are rightly billed as such. Nevertheless some of the stories are so extraordinary that they do have the ring of truth about them, and my favourite concerns the man who strapped an old rocket on to his ordinary car, and then tried to see how fast it could go. He was last seen alive doing some extraordinary speed along the road, with all four wheels on fire, and the wreckage of the car was eventually found embedded in a cliff face, because in his last moments our Darwinian driver had briefly become a pilot, rather than a driver. And yes, he was an American.