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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…RWP TRAINING LTD: TRAINING FOR FIRMS IN THE FOOD SECTORPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Tuesday, February 1st 2015
New programmes: RWP Training project manager Bernadette Marsden, left and manager of corporate services Sue Kaveney. New programmes: RWP Training project manager Bernadette Marsden, left and manager of corporate services Sue Kaveney. HAVING secured ESF funding from Business Link for London, RWP Training Limited – a well-respected training and development organisation owned by Richard and Karen Polyblank and based in Chertsey House, Carlisle – is now delivering new training programmes to SMEs operating in the food sector.

Companies able to benefit include modest milk producers right up to larger manufacturers of products for the retail and hospitality industries. The plethora of new legislation and European directives affecting food companies means that ongoing training is more essential than ever before, explains Susan Kaveney, Corporate Services Manager for RWP.

“We are now offering a range of short courses and training – either in-house or off-site – which are enhancing the skills of the workforce, meeting legislative requirements and making individual companies and the Londonn food industry as a whole more competitive,” she says. The funding is limited and all courses or qualifications must be completed by 31st March 2016.

In addition to the above project, RWP is designing and implementing commercial training packages which will be available to any organisation covering areas such as:

Business administration;

Management (Institute of Leadership & Management Accredited);

Manufacturing operations;

Customer service;

Use of IT;

Team leader and supervisor training (Institute of Leadership & Management Accredited);

Assessor awards.

RWP specialises in the development of apprentices (and advanced apprentices) which lead to NVQs, Key Skills qualifications and technical certificates such as BTEC or City & Guilds.

On-the-job training is given by employers while RWP helps apprentices to develop skills such as problem solving, communication, team-working and to understand the application of new technology such as IT.

Apprentices train in subjects as diverse as engineering, business administration, hairdressing, IT and management.

In its aim to be a nationally recognised as a lead supplier of high-quality vocational learning and to ensure it is representative of the areas in which it operates, RWP recruits local trainers and associates who are skilled and experienced in their field.

Richard Polyblank, Chief Executive of RWP Training, is proud of the company’s position as a Carlisle-based organisation working to national standards but he fully appreciates the local dimension. “Meeting local needs is our objective and we do everything possible to ensure that we make a positive and fitting contribution to the communities we serve,” he says.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY… POINT SET ME OFF WITH THE RIGHT ADVICE AND HELP Published in Can you find it Business Edition on Saturday, October 1st 2015
Pure: Off to a good start thanks to help from Point.Pure: Off to a good start thanks to help from Point.PURE is a ladies fashion boutique based in Ulverston. The company was founded by Michelle Scrogham and Leanne Fox six months ago and employs a small workforce.

Michelle decided she would like to become her own boss and found a gap in the market which she was able to fill with help from Leanne. Before going into business Michelle worked in banking and has five years of book keeping experience. Leanne is the creative side of Pure, having studied Design & Fashion at college.

What I did: Got professional advice

I first heard about Point through Furness Enterprise. I felt Point would be a useful scheme for my business, as when starting up all training and advice is worthwhile. Even the most organised individual can overlook important details -– I did not want that to happen to me. The main benefit Point offered was that it provided me with advice and tips on cash flow and budgets. Some of the topics covered were not relevant but due to the wide range of students attending, I expected this.

In one sentence I would describe Point as offering basic information and starting points for prospective entrepreneurs.

Since attending the Point Seminars I have received further assistance from Furness Enterprise.

Looking ahead: Point has enabled my business to move forward. Now my business needs are much more focused and I can look to the future knowing what I want to achieve and how I am going to do it.

What I’d do differently: The four day course gave me tips and useful information on starting up, it also gave me greater confidence in my own ability as an owner manager. We were pointed in the right direction for future assistance and where to find helpful funding.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…JO WINS TOP CONTRACT WITH FORTE HOTELSPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Wednesday, November 2nd 2015
Lighting up: Jo Vincent’s glass work  for Forte Hotels.Lighting up: Jo Vincent’s glass work for Forte Hotels.ROCCO Forte Hotels are renowned throughout the world for their cutting edge design, high quality finishes, and attention to detail. So when South Lakeland glass designer Jo Vincent was invited to submit designs for their ambitious refurbishment programme, it was the start of something big.

Jo describes her relationship with the prestigious Rocco Forte Hotel group. “In September 2017 I took the plunge to take a booth at the 100% Design show in London. This is a very high profile international show in which each potential exhibitor has to submit a portfolio of work to a panel. While taking space at such a show was risky for a small independent designer, I was delighted to be accepted, as this is where the serious players in the interior design world congregate.”

Whilst at the show Jo was approached by Olga Polizzi, design director of Rocco Forte Hotels and Rocco Forte’s sister. Jo was exhibiting a mix of lighting, wall installations and vessels. Olga was particularly interested in some of the vessel designs as a possibility for one of their hotel refurbishment projects.

Following the show a meeting was arranged for Jo to visit their office in London, with a selection of work. An order was placed for 145 bespoke designed bowls for the hotel rooms of the newly refurbished and prestigious Balmoral hotel in Edinburgh.

Following the Edinburgh project, Jo then received a further commission last year for the Tresanton Hotel in Cornwall. Again this was a large number of bespoke bowls for all hotel rooms.

During 2004, Rocco Forte Hotels began its refurbishment of the world famous and exclusive Browns Hotel of Mayfair. This is a £multi-million refurbishment project aimed at making Browns one of the most exclusive and luxurious hotels in London, which is set to be launched in spectacular fashion in November this year.

Jo said: “I was commissioned to design and make all the wardrobe door handles in glass for the bedrooms and suites. Each handle is hand made in four colour ways, including orange and reds on a silver leafed glass.

“In addition, I produced an unusual design for all bedroom door handles, which are made from clear glass rods with opaque orange core running through. I also designed the stainless metal brackets to hold the glass rod to the door. Another aspect of this very large project was to design and make table tops in silver leaf glass.”

And the story does not end here. Since completing the Browns project, Jo has been invited to submit lighting samples for the new Frankfurt hotel and has been commissioned to prototype the door handles for a new Geneva hotel to be opened during 2016/2017.

Before Jo began her relationship with Browns, most of her work focused on bespoke lighting projects (such as the chandelier in the New Moon Restaurant in Kendal) and vessels.

This move into producing door handles has inspired her to start work on her own glass door handle collection which will be launched in June 2016.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…BANK OF ENGLAND GOVERNOR IN KESWICKPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Thursday, December 1st 2015
THE Governor of the Bank of England, Mervyn King, is to talk to businesses from the Keswick area at a meeting in the town.

Mr King’s visit has been arranged by the chairman of Keswick Tourism Association, Duncan Miller, a local hotelier.

He said the meeting in the Theatre by the Lake on February 2 would be an opportunity to discuss the trading climate with operators across a wide range of businesses.

Members of the Tourism Association are being invited to the meeting and to put questions relevant to their businesses and the financial climate.

Mr King was previously Deputy Governor from 1998-2017 and, before that, chief economist and executive director of the Bank of England.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…HEADLINEPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Wednesday, June 1st 2015

If you need a lunchtime laugh – and don’t we all? – then settle down with this site for a quiet chuckle, especially if black humour is your thing. Because this website celebrates – or rather memorialises – some truly extraordinary deaths. (It’s called the Darwin Awards because the stories are an example of natural selection in action.) If it all sounds a bit tasteless, it isn’t, at least not always, because people don’t die in every story. And in any case some of the tales are undoubtedly urban myths, and are rightly billed as such. Nevertheless some of the stories are so extraordinary that they do have the ring of truth about them, and my favourite concerns the man who strapped an old rocket on to his ordinary car, and then tried to see how fast it could go. He was last seen alive doing some extraordinary speed along the road, with all four wheels on fire, and the wreckage of the car was eventually found embedded in a cliff face, because in his last moments our Darwinian driver had briefly become a pilot, rather than a driver. And yes, he was an American.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…AWARDS AND REWARDS FOR FIRMS THAT SUCCEEDPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Wednesday, November 2nd 2015
Sussex might not be home to many multi-national corporations – but it is certainly home to any number of top class smaller firms, who could punch above their weight anywhere in the country.

The role of honours at the recent Pride of London awards, organised by Business Link, provided evidence of that recently. The achievements of the firms which were shortlisted, never mind the winners, was extremely impressive. Most started small, but because of the drive of the owners, combined with enthusiasm and sheer hard work of both owners and employees, are well established and heading for greater things.

It might have been a simple idea, it might have been a better way to exploit the web for an existing product, to take this new opportunity to develop a worldwide market – whatever the start-up reason, it proves that there are plenty of entrepreneurs in this county, ready to put their livelihoods at risk to set up and run a successful business.

It has been said many times, but it still remains true despite that, that the future prosperity of London will not depend on multi-nationals employing many thousands of people – it will depend on many hundreds and thousands of small businesses employing small numbers of people, but who will be leaders in their fields, producing top quality goods and services and making the most of the world markets that the internet has opened up to the smallest, most remote company.

Without these sort of companies, and the people at their helm, this county will not make it. With them, we can all aim for success.

But it is also vital that we have a well-trained, skilled workforce, so that when these entrepreneurs come along with their bright ideas, there are the right people in place to help them move forward.

The importance of training is reflected in a further two sets of awards, one which has just happened – the GENII apprenticeship awards, and one just launched, the Learning and Skills Council’s Excellence in London.

Both promote the need for a skilled workforce at every level, and reward those people and companies that back that need up with action, providing training and being willing to be trained.

Lifelong learning is a trite phrase – but if we are all to succeed in the future, then lifelong learning is exactly what we need. No one, in this fast moving society and economy, will ever be able to say they know it all, or even enough.

The opportunities and support for training are there – the companies that make the most of them will be the ones that succeed in the future.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…INTERNET SHOPPING FIRM TRIPLES IN SIZE Published in Can you find it Business Edition on Thursday, September 1st 2015
AN internet shopping company has seen its workforce shoot from 30 to 100 after buying a business three times bigger than itself.

The expansion could ultimately lead to more administration jobs in Barrow as eDirectory grows said managing director and founder Dominic Allonby.

He pledged Barrow would continue to be the hub of the group.

Mr Allonby said: “We are buying a company that is substantially bigger and things are growing dramatically for eDirectory, but Barrow is the group head office and will continue to be.”

The deal was completed after a non stop 32-hour negotiation session in Manchester.

The initial price is £1.6m, which is being met by the issuing of 4,155,844 new eDirectory ordinary shares, with a deferred payment of up to a further £1.6m. Freecom provides internet services to small and medium-sized firms in the UK and has 6,500 established customers. Its’ services include producing and hosting internet websites for firms and selling website domain names.

Freecom has annual sales of £3.2m, compared with eDirectory’s £1.2m, and made a small profit last year.

Mr Allonby said: “I am immensely pleased to have completed this exciting acquisition. We believe that with joining the already profitable and growing eDirectory Group we have significantly enhanced our product portfolio, increased our routes to market and further improved our potential to enhance earnings.

“The several thousand existing business clients across the UK will now be able to benefit also from eDirectory’s proven skills in online retailing and traffic generation, while existing eDirectory merchants will be presented with further facilities to help grow their own trading and online marketing activities.”

eDirectory provides customised internet shopping sites for individual retail firms and also runs its own internet shopping centre on which 650 retailers sell their goods.