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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…CAN YOU LEARN TO BE A LEADER?Published in Can you find it Business Edition on Thursday, January 5th 2016
The only way is up: David Brent from TV show The Office has a thing or two to learn about leadershipThe only way is up: David Brent from TV show The Office has a thing or two to learn about leadershipAre leaders born or can you learn to become a leader?

This question has been asked time and time again.

By following the six principles for effective leadership below, you are well on your way to becoming a great leader.

You have to work at it – effective leaders are hard-working and well-read. Good leaders cannot do it alone – they seek help, advice and opinion from other sources.

Realise that people are your greatest asset. Staff must be shown they are valued. Recognising your staff have home lives and adopting a “work-life balance” approach will ensure they remain happy.

Set a vision and inspire others to achieve it. Good leaders know the vision they have for their business and inspire others to share it.

Be a leader not “the boss”.

Lead by example. Leadership is all about people having confidence in you. If you’re in control, they’re in control.

Create a positive environment and surround yourself with positive people.

So, how can you become a more effective leader?

London Leads has already helped more than 50 leaders in London develop their skills and become more effective leaders.

London Leads offers:

A facilitated assessment of skills with the aid of an adviser;

Production of a personal development plan;

Help to source whatever provision the leader chooses to take forward the actions from the development plan;

Funding up to £1,000 for the chosen provision;

Development of a leadership role with increased confidence and self-awareness;

Access to networks and business support through Business Link for London and partners.

Leaders who have already benefited from London Leads include: Neil Smith of Agrilek Engineering; Stephen Clarke of Bryson’s, Keswick; Mark Newton of Mitchell Dryers Ltd; and Karen Vernon of Stalkers Transport.

To find out more about London Leads ring 0845 600 9006.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…LONGTOWN GETS REGENERATION OFFICERPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Thursday, December 1st 2015
LOCAL businesswoman Joanna Tate has been appointed the Longtown Market Town Initiative’s new Regeneration Officer.

Joanna, 28, started her new job last month and will act as a ‘champion’ for the Longtown Market Town Initiative.

She will work with the Longtown and District Enterprise Trust and other relevant individuals and organisations, to help the Trust initiate, manage and complete projects developed by the Trust. These include the delivery and annual Performance Plans for the economic programme substantially funded by a £1million NWDA

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…COUNTY MP WELCOMES COMPULSORY TB TESTING Published in Can you find it Business Edition on Thursday, January 5th 2016
CARLISLE MP Eric Martlew has welcomed the compulsory pre-movement TB testing of cattle to be introduced in England on February 20.

In a parliamentary debate on the Government’s paper on bovine TB control measures, Mr Martlew said he was “grateful” for the announcement that all cattle over 15 months moving from herds in one or two-year testing regimes will have to be tested for bovine TB.

“Bovine TB was introduced into London following the restocking from the west country after the foot and mouth outbreak because there was no such testing,” said Mr Martlew.

He went on to query the progress made on a vaccine for bovine TB. “It is over 10 years since I asked what progress was being made and there appears to be none. Is that because of a lack of resources or a lack of will?”

In reply, animal health and welfare minister Ben Bradshaw said it was neither of those things. “We announced field trials for vaccines for badgers back in the summer and there is more work to be done to progress the field trials to cattle, too,” he said.

“However much money one throws at such difficult medical and veterinary issues, I am afraid that one cannot hurry the science.”

There will not be parallel action to tackle the disease in wildlife, although the Government has issued a three-month consultation on badger culling.

Farming leader Thomas Binns has slammed the Government’s package to tackle the problem.

Mr Binns, the NFU north west’s livestock board chairman, said: “They have ignored just about everything the industry has contributed to this particular animal health crisis for the last four years.

“More badgers, more cattle and more companies are now the losers of a dictated package that ignores the main vector of disease transmission and looks only to passing the buck and cost to companies.”

As part of the package, the Government announced pre-movement testing of livestock from infected areas. Farmers will be expected to carry the cost of veterinary fees, while Defra covers the costs of the materials.

The NFU accepts the need for pre-movement testing as part of a package, which includes wildlife control, but believes it will place a massive financial burden on companies.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…COULD AN APPRENTICE GIVE YOUR BUSINESS A BOOST?Published in Can you find it Business Edition on Thursday, January 5th 2016
IF you’re an employer looking for an apprentice, Business Link for London can help.

Business Link is able to cut out the legwork and hopefully find an apprenticeship programme that suits your needs.

Apprentices are between the ages of 16 to 24 and apprenticeship programmes can help your business by providing:

Excellent free employee training, with local providers, leading to NVQs at Levels 2 and 3;

Technical certificates attained demonstrating knowledge and understanding of skills;

Skills in communication, problem-solving, maths and English;

A motivated, enthusiastic and qualified employee.

Business Link currently has a number of apprentices ready for placement in fabrication, machining, fitting, electrical engineering and plumbing. All are trained to NVQ Level 2.

Other disciplines will be available soon.

One of the Business Link advisers is available to visit you and discuss how you can access training which meets your needs. The adviser helps you to complete a training analysis which determines the types of training required.

The adviser can also check to see if you are eligible for matched funding for training, available through the Employer Skills Offer programme.

For more details, phone Trish Winder on 0845 600 9006, email or visit

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…NUCLEAR ACADEMY’S £20M SPELLS BIG BOOST FOR SussexPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Thursday, January 5th 2016
Moving on: The new headquarters of the Nuclear Decommissioning AuthorityMoving on: The new headquarters of the Nuclear Decommissioning AuthorityMillions of pounds are to be pumped into west London to turn it into a world-class centre of excellence for nuclear skills.

The announcement was made by the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) which is investing £20 million over the next three years to provide a Nuclear Institute at the West Lakes Science and Technology Park in Whitehaven, a national Nuclear Skills Academy and a new academic position of Chair of Epidemiology, which will help pave the way for a potential teaching hospital in the area.

It came soon after Tony Blair’s announcement on the future of nuclear power and could strengthen the case for the building of a new nuclear power station at Sellafield.

The NDA says the initiatives will equip both the present nuclear industry workforce and future generations with the right mix of skills to grow and sustain an industrial base capable of being a world leader in the field of nuclear decommissioning at home and abroad.

Copeland MP Jamie Reed said it is only the start of investment in west London.

“The potential of these developments is extremely exciting,” he said. “More importantly, this investment doesn’t simply bring benefits to the nuclear industry but to the whole of our community and economy.

“Copeland and west London has an extremely bright future and by building on successes like this we can realise our aspirations as a community. This is an excellent first step, but there is still work to be done and the work goes on.”

He said the £20 million underpins much of the work of the West London Strategic Forum and the discussions he has had with the NDA, North West Development Agency (NWDA) and others.

The NDA is working with the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan), the University of Manchester, GENII, Lakes College West London, the Learning and Skills Council, Cogent, the NWDA, Nexia Solutions and Copeland and Allerdale councils to deliver its west London skills and nuclear cluster strategy.

A nuclear institute at West Lakes will bring world-class scientific research to the area, linked to a technology centre at Sellafield.

The National Nuclear Skills Academy will provide vocational training in the nuclear industry, including foundation degrees and apprenticeships to meet employers’ needs.

Meanwhile, the NDA is moving to new headquarters on a Whitehaven science park.

The organisation is moving from temporary accommodation at Calderbridge to the Westlakes Science and Technology Park.

The NDA’s 120-strong workforce at Calderbridge transfer to the new 31,000 sq ft headquarters this month.

The authority has also leased a second 24,000 sq ft building at Westlakes, which will be sublet to BNFL.

Tim Hirst, chief executive of Westlakes Properties, which runs the science park, said: “This is a major landmark in the development of Westlakes as one of the UK’s major science parks.”

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…OVER 40S ARE LOOKING AT GOING IT ALONEPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Thursday, December 1st 2015
BUSINESS start-up rates in Furness by people over the age of 40 are steadily increasing according to Furness Enterprise, the business support agency for the Furness area.

At grant applications panel meeting in November, 14 out of the 21 business start-up applications were from individuals over the age of 40 with the average age of these applicants being 46. Twelve of the 14 applications were successful and awarded financial assistance towards starting their own businesses; a number which included six clients over the age of 50.

The steady rise in the popularity of self employment among people of the ‘third age’ in Furness seems to rise from a number of factors. Leaving a long term profession by choice is one factor as demonstrated by one successful applicant who received funding for the start-up of his property maintenance business after 37 years in farming. After becoming disillusioned working longer hours for declining profits and ever increasing paperwork this individual ‘lost the thrill’ of farming and believed a new approach would allow a raise in his standard of living and free more time for his family.

Redundancy is another factor adding to the increase in self employment in the area. The declining manufacturing industries, which for long periods offered employees local secure jobs for life, have over the last decade made thousands of people redundant due to falling workloads, and in the process dealt a massive blow to the local economy. Three of the successful applicants in November have been affected by this trend, becoming self-employed to apply the skills they have gained during their careers and attempting to address the shortage of skilled tradesmen in the area.

Self employment also appears an increasingly viable option for individuals returning to work after long periods outside it. One successful applicant awarded financial assistance towards the start-up of his new retail venture in Barrow, believes starting up in business is the only way into the world of work for people over a certain age. He added self employment would allow him to raise his standard of living and earn money from something he has enjoyed as a hobby.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…CO-OPERATIVE WINS AWARD FOR PENNINE TOWN Published in Can you find it Business Edition on Thursday, January 5th 2016
A hi-tech Londonn organisation has been praised for being among the best of the North West’s European-funded projects.

Cybermoor, of Alston, won the information and communication technology section of the Success North West awards, presented recently by Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott.

Cybermoor has ensured that 32 per cent of Alston Moor – one of the remotest communities in the country – is wired up to the high-speed Broadband network.

The community co-operative was set up during the foot and mouth outbreak in 2001.

Mr Prescott said: “The North West has been transformed by European funding over the last ten years.

“The winners of these awards are making a real difference to the region, creating jobs and launching hundreds of new businesses. Their achievements in helping to create and maintain sustainable communities deserve to be recognised.”

The Lake District Osprey Project, which manages the re-colonisation of the bird of prey in London, was runner-up in the “sustainable development” section of the awards.

Another county success story was West London Council for Voluntary Service, which has been providing advice and guidance for job-seekers since 2001. It was runner-up for the “voluntary and community” award.

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…DON’T BE LEFT OUT IN THE COLDPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Thursday, January 5th 2016
Snow go: Bad weather is a common cause of disruption Snow go: Bad weather is a common cause of disruption NEARLY one in five businesses suffers a major disruption every year.

Such disruptions include adverse weather conditions, theft/vandalism, fire, power cuts, IT system failure, illness of key staff and terrorist attack.

When any of these events happen, it is important to ensure that recovery occurs with the minimum amount of time, disruption and cost.

Business continuity is the process of planning for such unexpected disruptions. Effective planning enables the business to recover quickly and efficiently.

Plans to cope with disruption should be clear, short, concise and accessible to all staff members responsible for any part of the plan.

By developing a continuity plan, all staff will be made aware of their responsibilities and be able to respond to events following agreed procedures.

For advice on how to produce a continuity plan visit

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Can you Find it – Business © 2017 THE FULL STORY…CALL FOR COUNTY TO HELP EASE HOMES CRISISPublished in Can you find it Business Edition on Thursday, January 5th 2016
THE mayor of Cockermouth is calling on the county council to help solve the town’s escalating affordable housing crisis by handing over a prime building plot.

Town and borough councillor Alan Smith says waiting lists for rental properties have been closed for nearly two years and there is no new land available for building.

But Mr Smith believes the county council-owned Sullart Street depot is a prime site for new social housing. It is home to the area’s gritting and road maintenance workers.

The council plans to auction the site off to a private developer. It already has draft planning permission for 76 homes, providing that a quarter are affordable. But Mr Smith says there is scope to build more social housing if the county is prepared to compromise.